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All of our workshops are conducted by Silvana Kirby, CMI, and her team of expert interpreter trainers.

I Know Interpretation.

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In the arena of interpretation, one must be aware of one’s capabilities as an interpreter.  There are many types of interpretation to pursue.  Also, there are a variety of reasons to choose this career path.  I have spent a significant portion of my life providing trainings on how to become or continue to be a competent interpreter. 

Education and Professionalism

If you choose to be educated in this field and if you strive to be a professional in this field, then you can determine if this path is for you.  Education and professionalism are required to be able to know how to manage the flow of communication in the triadic encounter (two separate language speakers, one interpreter) and how to manage the therapeutic relationship which provides the best form of communication between the parties that speak different languages.

Language Translation Training Berkshire MAFirst, I will give you a general overview of interpreting. Once this is completed, I will teach about Community, Medical or Legal Interpretation.  I will describe the modes of interpretation so you can decide which branch to focus on.  Understanding the field of interpretation will give you access to seek jobs with our partners and collaborators.  Finally honoring continuing education opportunities will give you the access to fine tuning your chosen field.  In short, I will help you by providing you the necessary skills through my teachings.

Any type of interpretation has a huge impact on our communication by transmitting a person’s speech accurately and completely.  Understanding how to communicate with others will diminish miscommunication.  I will teach the various modes of interpretation and roles of the interpreter to help you design a way of communicating with the fullest of understanding in an interpreting encounter with your monolingual clients.

Once you determine to pursue this field of education and to continue with my program, I will provide more specialized trainings.  As interpreters we all work diligently to close the gap of misunderstanding.  Our lives are dependent on the way we communicate with one another.

I will teach you functional exercises behind the brain science. I will teach you how to continue to develop your brain and program it to communicate efficiently, allowing it to perform to the best of its ability.  I will teach you the art of memory retention and verbal/nonverbal communication through a simple mental process.  I will teach you how to accustom your brain to adjust during a difficult interpretation.  I will teach you how to manage and eliminate personal biases and to ultimately provide the best interpretation scenario possible.

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