Translation & Interpretation

The need for language access is unpredictable. Our solutions meet your demands without fail, no matter how large or unexpected they may be.


We will work with your needs to help you communicate directly with your clients or employees.

Brochures, leaflets, and other promotional material, press releases, business and managerial documents, meeting summaries, magazine articles and features, presentation catalogs, manuals, release notes, procedures, websites, and more.


Medical, legal, and community interpreting to convey the message accurately and completely, the interpreter must know their roles and responsibilities. 

Language barriers can adversely affect the ability to communicate with others and get the point across. Our trained interpreters help overcome these barriers. You will increase your productivity with us. 

Cultural Competency

We are language consultants and we can help you become more culturally competent with your clients and your employees. We are here to bridge the culture gap.

According to the US Census, Non-English language speakers varied markedly in their ability to speak English. Not surprisingly, the Nation’s more recent immigrants were more likely to have difficulty with English. Among Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese speakers, whose numbers doubled in the last decade, at least 60 percent reported they had some difficulty with English, that is, they reported speaking English less than “very well.”


We provide training for interpreters and we will work with your company to create custom training that best fits your needs.

We believe in the strong need for interpreters in our communities. We educate individuals that are interested in becoming interpreters to be competent and to understand that not just any bilingual person can be an interpreter.

Take trainings and workshops as a member of LANGUAGE COACH SCHOOL

The Language Coach School is our live and online educational service for translation and interpreting.  

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Our professional translators and interpreters are native speakers who have work experience in this industry